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Bottle-free Dispensers

Installation is really quite easy. We place a connection on to an existing water supply, normally in the kitchen/pantry. We then run a 6mm flexible pipe to the dispenser where ever it is located. A full methodology is provided to our clients prior to installation which sets out how the units will be installed and where we will need to run the piping.

The installation of the unit will not affect any existing infrastructure and is deemed to be a complete green retrofit to any office/facility.

Evidently, yes. We have conducted numerous tests over the last few years, testing tap water in the UAE, bottled water and filtered water. Time and time again, filtered water shows the least bacterial count.

Furthermore, our tests of filtered water show a good ph level, balance of minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium and more importantly no metals and reduced chlorine levels.

All our filters are tested and accredited by NSF (National Safety Foundation) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

We only use the best in-line filters in the world from Omnipure, made and manufactured in the US. In summary, a standard set of drinking water filters includes the following:

Sediment Filter - Removes any remnants of foreign particles in the water including dust, dirt, soil particles and sand sediment.

KDF Patented Filter - Removes chlorine, kills bacteria, removes sediment extant and Trihalomethanes (THM’s) and also focuses on removing lead, copper, chloroform, chemical residuals, herbicides, pesticides and other volatile organic compounds.

Carbon Filter - Reduces chlorine further and also removes odour and improves taste.

All the filters are tested and accredited by NSF (National Safety Foundation) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

Filters are changed based on usage rather than time. We install all our bottle-free units with a water meter to allow the user to determine when the filters need to be changed which is every 10,000 liters. We can provide training to an in-house member of staff to take the meter readings on a regular basis and when you have consumed 10,000 liters we can arrange for one of our technicians to come and change the filters.

Taste is such a subjective matter. Some people notice a difference and some people do not notice a difference at all - to them water is water. The general feedback that we have is that the water does taste cleaner and less “chemically” which is the taste of water without the plastic. Best thing to do is to try it yourself!

Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year which not only pollutes the land, but also as the plastic degrades, toxins will leach in to the water table. Installing a bottle-free dispenser provides you with filtered drinking water without the associated environmental impact plastic bottles have.

Firstly, glad you like the concept. There are a number of things we can do. We would be happy to arrange a meeting with your boss so we can listen to him and address any concerns he/she may have. We could also arrange to install a trial unit in your office to gauge feedback not only from your boss but your colleagues and visitors. Another suggestion would be to facilitate a meeting with one of our existing clients so your boss can get to see how successful implementing bottle-free dispensers has been in other office locations around the UAE. We can easily put together a business case to show that the bottle-free dispensers will save your company money as well as being greener and drinking healthier water.

We have an increasing number of customers that are switching to our products for a number of reasons, but mainly trust. Our customers trust us to provide them with nononsense information about our products, how they work, benefits and like the fact that we continue working with them to provide support and maintenance. We can review your existing system - if its good, we will tell you its good. If not, we will provide you with some information about how our units are better for you so that you can make an informed decision if you want to switch to ours.

If you like it, we can install it quickly, easily and efficiently. Our team can liaise with a delegated person in your company to get the job done. The sooner you make the change to bottle-free dispensers, the sooner you start saving money.

Simple - if you let us know three things we can quickly let you know how much you can save:

1. How many plastic bottles do you use?
2. How much do you pay for each bottle?
3. How many water coolers do you currently have?

Once we have this information we will produce a report that outlines your current costs vs costs for the bottle free units. Typically the return on investment of the capital expenditure of the bottle-free units is less than 12 months and ongoing savings can be up to 70-80% when compared to your existing bottled-water costs.

There are basically two elements, maintenance on the unit which requires sanitizing the unit once a year and filter changes once a year or every 10,000 liters which ever comes sooner. The running costs will probably be in the region of up to 70-80% less when compared to your current bottled water costs. get in touch with us today and we will tell you exactly how much your running costs might be.

Thatʼs great that your business is growing. If you need more dispensers as you develop your business then let us know what your new requirements are and we will assist you.

Let us know what your requirements are and we can offer you a number of options to make going bottle-free as cost effective for you as possible. When you consider the the cost to your business small or large, in terms of ordering, storing and invoicing for plastic bottled water, bottle-free systems are always more cost effective. Furthermore, consider what the value add to your brand might be in “going green” and implementing a bottle-free dispenser.

If you are settled on going bottle-free then we are happy to also meet with your landlord to address any concerns he/she may have. You can let then know that the installation is a complete green retrofit to any office/facility and will not affect any existing infrastructure. If you move to another location then we can un-install the units and relocate them to your new office, leaving the old office just as it was. In our experience most landlords have been supportive of such initiatives.

As long as we can connect to a water supply somewhere, we can then run piping to wherever the water dispenser is required. A bottle-free unit can be placed up to 100 meters away from an existing water source. This is really ideal for large warehousing facilities and we have ample experience in implementing bottle-free dispensers in larger areas.

We provide many compelling reasons for switching to the bottle-free dispensers that make the decision to cancel your plastic bottled water contract an easy one. We have never had anyone remove our units and go back to plastic bottled water. Request a free feasibility report from us that outlines the cost and benefits to your business of going bottle-free when compared to your existing plastic bottled water contract. When you see the benefits, we are confident you will have no issues with regards to canceling your current contract and switch to the bottle-free dispensers.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, then give us a call and we can provide some troubleshooting advice over the phone and we can also arrange to send out a technician to deal any problem immediately.

All out units are Energy Rated and so will consume around 45% less energy than your conventional water cooler.

Many companies now have a mandate to take steps to reduce their plastic bottled water consumption. A bottle-free unit does not have the associated carbon footprint that a plastic bottled water has especially when you consider the process of producing the plastic and then transporting the plastic bottles everywhere - not to mention the disposal of them. When working with our clients we will calculate what you carbon footprint reduction will be as a result of going plastic bottle free so that you can share this information in your company reports.

Get in touch with us - call us on 04 441 9236 or email us your details and enquiry to contact@liquidoflife.net and we will be happy to speak with you about implementing the bottle-free units.