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Shower Filters

Normally we install the shower filters in the suspended ceiling above your shower so we do not change your shower at all. We place a connection on the pipe in the ceiling so that the water runs through the filters before reaching your hot water tank. You will not see any of the piping or the filters. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us and we can arrange to send a technician out to you who will have a look at your bathroom.

Chlorine is used in water to kill any bacteria that may be present - its a way of keeping the water bacteria free or giving little chance for bacteria to grow. As a chemical, chlorine binds to the proteins in your hair and skin which over a period of time will destroy your skin cells, just like the micro-organisms chlorine is intended to fight.

Furthermore, chlorine wreaks major beauty havoc by stripping the natural protective oils from your skin and hair, causing excess drying, which leads to skin irritations and hair loss. The most effective way to overcome this is to filter the shower water.

To be honest, not necessarily - hair loss is so much more complicated than showering with water that has a high content of chlorine. Hair loss can be genetic and normally also linked to poor diet and stress. However, the general feedback we have had from our customers is that they have definitely experienced a difference with their hair quality, with most seeing a significant improvement even after a few washes. They have lighter, brighter and shinier hair :-)

The shower filter solutions start at AED500. Contact us and speak to one of our technicians who can come and visit you to talk to you about what you would like and then will give you an exact quote.

Please note if you have multiple bathrooms you will need to purchase multiple systems.

The filters need to be replaced only once a year. On month 12 we will give you a call and let you know your filters need to be changed. Our technician will then arrange to come and see you and change the filters for you so you donʼt have to do anything.

*If you have a skin condition such as Eczema, shower filtration is very likely to reduce the irritation that can cause flare-ups.

*Please note that we are not medical practitioners and if you have any specific concerns you should speak with your doctor.