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Ideal for domestic use, our under-the-sink systems provide you with fresh drinking water straight from your tap.

Our filters will fit neatly underneath your sink and is easy to install. Filter changes are normally required only once a year so it is a cost effective solution in providing pure, quality drinking water for your family. The freshly filtered water is great for cooking too!

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Ideal for labour accommodation and other high consumption places, our large capacity filters will deliver quality drinking water which can last up to six months. This greatly reduces operational and administration costs normally associated with frequent filter changes.

A water meter is attached to every set of filters that will allow the user to determine exactly when the filters need changing. This guarantees the quality of the water remains high and consistent.

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A lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of drinking quality pure water to remain healthy. There is also a growing concern over the quality of water we bathe and shower in. Since shower water is chemically treated, it is not unusual to find high levels of chlorine content as well as well as other impurities. Most people donʼt realize that we absorb chlorine and chemicals from our shower water. On the surface it dries our skin and hair that results in many people experiencing “more than usual” hair loss. When we take hot showers, some of the chlorine is inhaled by the lungs which may lead to respiratory problems.

The most practical and effective solution to reduce chlorine and other chemicals is to use a shower filter. The shower filters cleanse the water of chlorine by 99%, and therefore, it reduces the harmful effects of chlorine on the hair and skin. Our customers have noticed the difference showering with pure water makes to their health and beauty within a few weeks. Skin becomes less dry and hair becomes shinier and much more manageable, since the natural moisturizing oils of the hair are preserved when one uses a shower filter.

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