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“Liquid of Life (LOL) provided us with a proactive solution that was tailored to Khidmahʼs targets of sustainability and value added services to our customers. To date, they have succeeded in supplying a large number of Water Filtration Units to all Khidmah sites for our staff offices, health clubs and residences . The continuous coordination and follow up by Ms. Rukhsana on all related issues from start to finish and building a package that not only delivered a unique product but also added value has been the key for the success of this project. Their Technical Team have demonstrated professionalism and expertise in dealing with all issues related to the functioning of their product and have provided the right training skills on installation to our technicians. The LOL Water Filtration units have been received well by all our staff and have reduced much of the administration and labor associated with procuring bottled water”

"The drinking water provided by Liquid of Life is healthy and environmentally friendly and is ideal for use in the United Arab Emirates. It also becomes a very economical system within a short time. As a school we need to provide water outside whilst the students are taking part in sports or recreational activities. Plastic bottles can react with the heat and sun to contaminate drinking water. Also, the system removes the need for transporting and storing large quantities of plastic bottles, ultimately contributing towards making us a greener school."

"Liquid of life provides an environmentally cost effective solution to high quality drinking water in the office environment. We are able to track how much water our staff are drinking and feed this information back to them to ensure they are staying adequately hydrated particularly in summer. Their proactive support to providing a water test when staff were questioning the sodium levels in our water compared to bottled water, helped convince them further when they realized the levels were much lower than in any bottled water brand. They act like a partner we are helping them by spreading the word."

"At Home Grown Children's Eco Nursery we are dedicated to ensuring that the products and fittings we use are all eco-friendly and of the best quality. The Liquid for Life water filtration system was perfect for our needs and met all our requirements. Now our children and staff enjoy fresh, mineral enriched water which has not been exposed to harmful toxins from plastics and our water does not contribute to damaging the environment."

Liquid of Life came to my home and installed a brilliant under-the-sink water filtration system. It has made much more of a positive impact than I even expected. We used to have a huge pile of plastic water bottles building up in the kitchen that we would put aside to eventually drop off at a recycling bin. With lovely fresh drinking water coming straight from the tap we have much more space and less clutter!

And the taste is great. We know it is completely bug free and chemical free, but it is also nicer tasting than the Dubai bottled stuff or the standard DEWA tap stuff. Our pet ferret Churchill has been known to get an upset stomach during the summer from drinking the tap water so he is even happy. Plus Liquid of Life was good enough to let Churchill help with the installation. So, thanks Liquid of Life – great product, great service and great price. I recommend this option to anyone living in Dubai who drinks water!

After I have read the testimonials – what else can I add!!!!!! I am only glad, that so many more people enjoy the benefits of an excellent water source, that Liquid of Life is providing our household with. I will always recommend to anybody that great solution to healthy living.

At Pampa Industries we have been using the Liquid of Life filtration dispensers for over one year. We have been able to provide the highest quality drinking water (according to the laboratory test we did) to our staff, with zero administration costs. The units never run out of water, providing hot and cold water all day, every day. The annual running costs are so low, we have easily recouped the capital expenditure in our first year. We have dispensers all over our factory, but the piping installed by Liquid of Life in no way interferes with the existing infrastructure. For anyone with a large labour force in factories, this is a must buy. Thank you Liquid of Life.