Corporate offices

Todays business leaders recognize the importance of creating a workplace environment that is engaging, empowering, productive and fulfilling. At Liquid of Life, we take the time to understand the needs and requirements of our corporate clients in order to implement tailored filtered drinking water solutions that range from standup / countertop bottle-free dispensers, under-counter solutions to sparkling filtered water solutions and filtered ice and water units, all supported by the latest state-of-the-art drinking water filters.

We recognize that every office environment is different and will work with you to provide a feasibility report that considers the full cost / benefit analysis of switching from plastic bottled water consumption to a tailored filtered drinking water solution as well as an environmental impact assessment.

Once installed and implemented we will continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that everyone has access to a quality and continuous supply of filtered drinking water throughout the day. We can also provide tools and tips to help support our initiatives and introduce the change in to the office and engage with all the staff. To learn more about our awareness sessions and to understand how you can make the switch in your office contact us today and request a free feasibility study. Save money and help the planet too!


With the current trend towards eco-tourism and the positive brand awareness created from environmentally positive projects, Liquid of Life helps hotels reduce their single use plastic bottle consumption with modern, stylish filtration systems that can be enjoyed by staff and guests alike.

For back of house we provide certified filtration systems manufactured in the US for all potable water machines. Our water softeners and scale inhibitors are manufactured to our specifications and remove all chlorine from water. This includes the chlorine from the periodic high shock dosing, so protecting coffee and ice machines and the filtered drinking water dispensers.

Our front of house solutions help hotels implement positive environmental projects to reduce single use plastic waste with combinations of stylish Italian designed water dispensers and bar towers. Our systems can provide ambient, cold, hot and chilled sparkling filtered water to suit all your guests needs. We can also help with the procurement of branded glass and reusable bottles, so eliminating the need for any plastic bottled water in the hotel.

Construction and Workers Accommodation

Our 10 years of water filtration experience in the UAE means we have developed water filters for the high capacity drinking water requirements of staff accommodation. These filters systems combine the sediment removal essential in accommodation areas, with the highest quality chlorine, taste and odour reduction filter in the market. The capacity of our water filters are tested and accredits to 75,000 litres and will provide 6 months of great tasting drinking water to staff. Using genuine John Guest piping and fittings from the UK, the systems are guaranteed not to leak or fail. This combination provides accommodation managers with long lasting, reliable drinking water filtration, that staff really appreciate.


It’s not surprising that a key to boosting the capacity to learn is to remain well hydrated throughout the day. At Liquid of Life we understand that drinking water needs of education facilities vary considerably from boutique nurseries to large university campuses responsible for quenching the thirst of thousands of students, staff and visitors. 


Whether you are in an existing school/university or building a new one we can provide a range of tailored filtered solutions that include bottle-free dispensers, drinking water fountains, hydration stations and bottle-fillers. 


We understand that it can be confusing when choosing a filter for your home and its important to weigh options of the different filter technologies, filter certifications, installation and replacement filter costs and above all service. At Liquid of Life, you can be assured to receive no-nonsense advice on the different range of solutions we offer for our residential customers from our popular under-the-sink drinking water filters to filtered water dispensers to systems that can provide filtered hot water directly from your tap.

On request we can also provide water filtration systems for your bathrooms to ensure quality water throughout your bathroom.

We have been servicing residential customers in the UAE for almost a decade. Contact us to learn how you can also make the switch to filtered water in your home and say good bye to plastic water bottles and enjoy access to quality filtered water in your home.

Gyms, Health and Wellness Centers

We believe in having a healthy body and a healthy planet. The average gym can easily exceed the use of over 25,000 single use plastic bottles per year and in an effort to reduce waste we are proud to support sustainability campaigns within the fitness and wellness industry. Plastic bottled water coolers and the use of single use plastic water bottles are familiar features of gyms everywhere, but that is starting to change – fast.

At Liquid of Life, we can work with you to implement filtered drinking water solutions from bottle-free dispensers to tailored drinking water fountains, providing staff and members with a constant supply of filtered drinking water. We can also help to provide and advise on branded re-usable water bottles to hand out / sell to members and visitors to your facility.

Contact us and join a growing number of fitness facilities saying no to single-use plastic water bottles and embrace a healthier outlook for our planet too #getfitwithfilteredwater


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

Health and safety is the primary concern of the hospital and Liquid of Life provide the ultimate in modern filtration technology from drinking water dispensers with push button and ultra violet at the dispensing point. This dispensing procedure of keeping the human hand away from the dispensing area and having every drop of water pass through ultra violet as it leaves the dispenser guarantees the most hygienic drinking water.

Our filtered drinking water dispensers help medical institutions reduce the cost of purchasing, storing, distributing and disposing of plastic water bottles.

Owners Associations

OAs continue to play a significant role in delivering quality services to its tenants and to maintain their buildings. The ability to adapt to meet the demands of progressive tenants is becoming more important. Recommending preferred suppliers and services can provide significant value to tenants. Working in partnership with an OA, we believe that we can effect positive change by making a difference in the lives of people. By playing an active role in helping to encourage residents to switch to filtered drinking water, OAs will help to reduce waste in their buildings/communities which they help to manage and maintain. When you ditch plastic bottled water, you save money, live healthier, and join a movement for global sustainability. Plus, we make it easy! Contact us to discuss and explore some of the tailored initiatives we can provide.