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A short message from our founder – Rukhsana Kausar

Over the years, I have come to realize that we are always going to have an impact on our environment no matter what we do. What is important is looking at the things we do and what we consume and asking ourselves these two basic questions: is there a better way of doing this that will be less harmful to the environment and am I willing to change?

Liquid of Life was born out of the belief that whilst we can have a negative impact on our environment, we are faced with choices everyday that will either continue to cause more harm to the planet or allow it to start healing. Whilst the issues facing our planet can be overwhelming, I truly believe we have the opportunity to change and know what we need to do – and this does start with us as individuals, because what we do matters and will make a difference.

In the last 10 years we have helped over 2000 households switch to filtered water; we are currently working with over 150 corporates and have prevented the consumption of millions of plastic water bottles and helped to reduce the carbon footprint associated with plastic bottled water consumption. We have helped individuals, families and businesses save money whilst providing them with access to better quality drinking water. The achievements are many, but we still have a long way to go to make filtered drinking water the norm and plastic water bottles a thing of the past.

Every day, I am privileged to be able to meet people who champion the same cause, who fight for change, who recognise that our wasteful habits are causing tremendous damage to the ecosystems around us. I remain inspired and motivated by those people.

Finally, this is not something I can or do alone. Thank you to the entire LOL team who work tirelessly to implement our solutions and provide ongoing services and support to our customers. We do not have a habit of asking for feedback so I am genuinely humbled by the positive feedback and comments we receive.

With hope and heartfelt thanks

Our vision is to eliminate our dependency on plastic bottled water by providing everyone with access to safe, clean filtered drinking water at the point of demand.

To inspire people to adopt sustainable habits and get #offthebottle
  • Provide no-nonsense advice, service and ongoing support
  • Always have the courage to change and inspire change
  • We believe fun should be a part of everything we do
  • We are leaders by what we do

Clients Testimonials

At Liquid of Life, we don’t really have a habit of asking people to write testimonials for us but value every piece of feedback we receive, good, bad and indifferent. Here is juss a selection of some of the unsolicited feedback and testimonials we have received recently for the work we do and the service we provide, as we aim to be more than just a supplier:

“Liquid of Life (LOL) provided us with a proactive solution that was tailored to Khidmah?s targets of sustainability and value added services to our customers. To date, they have succeeded in supplying a large number of Water Filtration Units to all Khidmah sites for our staff offices, health clubs and residences . The continuous coordination and follow up by Ms. Rukhsana on all related issues from start to finish and building a package that not only delivered a unique product but also added value has been the key for the success of this project. Their Technical Team have demonstrated professionalism and expertise in dealing with all issues related to the functioning of their product and have provided the right training skills on installation to our technicians. The LOL Water Filtration units have been received well by all our staff and have reduced much of the administration and labor associated with procuring bottled water”

Samer Harb
Procurement Manager, Khidmah

“At Home Grown Children’s Eco Nursery we are dedicated to ensuring that the products and fittings we use are all eco-friendly and of the best quality. The Liquid for Life water filtration system was perfect for our needs and met all our requirements. Now our children and staff enjoy fresh, mineral enriched water which has not been exposed to harmful toxins from plastics and our water does not contribute to damaging the environment.”


Lucy Bruce
Director, Homegrown Eco-Nursery

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