Coffee machines can suffer from the same issues in the UAE as other drinking water systems: sediment particles from pipes and valves, chlorine and scale. These may cause long term damage to the machine and affect the quality of the coffee it makes. As with all our filter sets, the first filter is the Sediment filter, which prevents solid particles entering the second filter. It is important solid particles do not enter the second filter, as this may inhibit its performance by coating the filter media, thus preventing the water from coming into contact with the filter media. The second filter will remove 99.9% of the chlorine present in the water, essential for great tasting coffee. The water softener resin will remove all the Calcium from the water, preventing any scale buildup on this hot water machine. This combination provides the prefect water for the coffee machine. Our Water Softener filter set provides the high flow rate required for this high usage machine. The filters performance are tested and accredited in the USA at 2.7 gallons per minute, for 3,000 liters or 6 months. All filters are installed using John Guest piping and plumbing fittings, guaranteeing no leaks and no rusting between the filters and coffee machine.   Anyone who truly knows us understands that we are as passionate about good tasting coffee as we are about drinking water! We care about quality and service and remain focused on providing the best cost/performance filters in the industry and delivering an impeccable service. Having worked in the UAE for close to a decade we understand the issues surrounding the quality of water and have designed filters to specifically meet the needs of our clients. Liquid of Life filters are manufactured in the USA by Omnipure. The KDF/GAC filtration media are specified by us designed specifically for the higher volume requirements of the food service industry and will effectively remove chlorine, taste and odors from the water. All of our water softener and scale inhibitor filters have the GAC/KDF to provide great tasting beverages and ensure hardness reduction so protecting equipment and appliances from calcium scale buildup.These high capacity cartridges have flow rates up to 2.0 gal/min. They are used in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and vending machines and are an affordable alternative filter cartridge for many existing systems.  


The filters are designed in a two-piece configuration with a permanent head and a bayonet style replacement body which makes filter replacement and maintenance much more efficient and cost-effective. No glues or binders are used in the manufacturing process but instead, components are spin-welded together producing a reliable, no-leak seal. They are great value for applications where long life, high purity and low change-out frequency are required. Our filters can be used to service ice machines, coffee machines, espresso, tea brewers, vending machines, drinking fountains and in any applications where better tasting water and equipment protection is important.

Maximum Flow-rate: 7.5 L/min

Maximum Expected Capacity – 3,000 gallons

Average Longevity – Water Softener: 6 months

Maximum Working Pressure: 8.6 bar

Minimum Working Pressure: 2.7 bar

Inlet Temperature Range: 2 ºC – 38 ºC

3/8” push-fittings for easy installation

Height: 51.5 cm

Width: 26.0 cm

Weight: 3.2 kg

Clients Testimonials

At Liquid of Life, we don’t really have a habit of asking people to write testimonials for us but value every piece of feedback we receive, good, bad and indifferent. Here is juss a selection of some of the unsolicited feedback and testimonials we have received recently for the work we do and the service we provide, as we aim to be more than just a supplier:

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