The WaterfallTOP is a robust and reliable filtered water dispenser and is easy to place on bar and restaurant counters, in cafés or on worktops; its reduced depth facilitates positioning in areas where space is limited. The small dispenser is capable of offering the same high performance levels as the floor-standing model. The absence of external taps and the concealed dispensing zone ensure that the water’s path is protected against environmental pollution for maximum hygiene


The dispensers come with chilled, room temperature, and chilled sparkling water options for drinking water and is push button operated with an option to be able to control the volume of water dispensed. The unit is capable of producing 65 to over 180 liters of chilled water per hour.

Ice-bank cooling technology

The ice bank cooling system offers the optimal balance between performance and water saving. This high performance cooling technology cools considerable quantities of water and enables the dispensing temperature to be kept constant even when continuously dispensing many litres. The ice bank cooling system consists of a stainless steel coil and a copper coil immersed in a reservoir full of water.  The copper coil containing the refrigerant gas freezes the water contained within the reservoir producing a cold supply, which in turn cools the drinking water flowing through the stainless steel coil. In this way the water cooler offers greater performance and in particular it ensures the hygiene and quality of the water which is continuously flowing and never still in the reservoir.

External casing

The external metal casing available with either skinplate and stainless steel, provides sturdiness and makes the product suitable for use in environments subject to stringent hygienic requirements.

Hygiene and protection

The absence of external taps and the concealed dispensing zone ensure that the water’s path is protected against environmental pollution for maximum hygiene. The sensitive areas of the cover, e.g. the dispensing head and the sink, are made using AISI 316 steel for optimal hygiene and protection.

Water Taste

Water taste and quality is improved by fitting filters which are capable of eliminating sediment and other impurities and chemicals such as chlorine, whilst polishing up the water and improving the taste.

Maximum Safety

The safety valve prevents loss of water due to potential failures occurring inside the machine.

Chilled sparkling water option

The model can also provide ambient, chilled and chilled sparkling water. This is the best available technology for producing carbonated water with a strong lasting taste. A pump drives water through the carbonation device converting it into a “spray” as a consequence of the pressure. At the same time, CO2 (food grade carbon dioxide) is introduced into the carbonation device at a regulated pressure. Within the carbonation device, the molecules of CO2 join with the molecules of water producing carbonated water of the highest quality.

Optional Cu+SAFEPATH

The patented Cu+ SAFEPATH option guarantees the bacterial immunity of the dispenser, which is then no longer subject to contamination or a source of bacterial proliferation. The efficacy provided is continuous and constant throughout the cooler’s life with no need for maintenance.

The objective of maintaining the highest level of hygiene is achieved through certain design features linked to the extensive application of copper, thus providing a solution capable of preserving the quality of water coming from the water mains without altering its taste and saline characteristics.

Copper, whose bactericidal properties have been known of since antiquity, causes a degenerative process in bacteria cells, ultimately eliminating them.

Optional Electronic Control

Using the electronic control it is possible to set the quantity of water supplied automatically, the temperature of the ice bank, and other functions. The operation can also be monitored in real time. Our electronic control allows for customizing the water cooler’s functions and monitoring its functions in real time so as to optimize maintenance. The temperature of the ice bank is regulated by an electronic thermostat which ensures greater precision. Set-up is quick and easy thanks to a screen on which the programmed temperature and the actual temperature can be displayed at any time. By programming the size of a serving it is possible to pre-set the quantity of water dispensed from the water cooler. It can be programmed for two different quantities, “large” and “small”. With a single push of a button, the machine will automatically fill glasses (small serving) or jugs (large serving). Total and partial water consumption volumes can be checked through the flow meter controlled serving counter. The functioning of the water cooler is constantly monitored thanks to the Self Diagnostic System, which, when necessary, reports malfunctions or the need to replace filters or the CO2 cylinder. In response to increasing environmental awareness, the Waterfall product features Energy Saving – a device which reduces the consumption of energy when the machine is not in use. By setting the machine to “energy saving” mode, the water cooler reduces the compressor cycles, but maintains a low enough temperature to quickly revert to full performance.

Height: 511cm
Width: 422cm
Depth: 499cm

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