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We believe in having a healthy body and a healthy planet. The average gym can easily exceed the use of over 25,000 single use plastic bottles per year and in an effort to reduce waste we are proud to support sustainability campaigns within the fitness and wellness industry. Plastic bottled water coolers and the use of single use plastic water bottles are familiar features of gyms everywhere, but that is starting to change – fast.

At Liquid of Life, we can work with you to implement filtered drinking water solutions from bottle-free dispensers to tailored drinking water fountains, providing staff and members with a constant supply of filtered drinking water. We can also help to provide and advise on branded re-usable water bottles to hand out / sell to members and visitors to your facility.

Contact us and join a growing number of fitness facilities saying no to single-use plastic water bottles and embrace a healthier outlook for our planet too #getfitwithfilteredwater


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