With the current trend towards eco-tourism and the positive brand awareness created from environmentally positive projects, Liquid of Life helps hotels reduce their single use plastic bottle consumption with modern, stylish filtration systems that can be enjoyed by staff and guests alike.

For back of house we provide certified filtration systems manufactured in the US for all potable water machines. Our water softeners and scale inhibitors are manufactured to our specifications and remove all chlorine from water. This includes the chlorine from the periodic high shock dosing, so protecting coffee and ice machines and the filtered drinking water dispensers.

Our front of house solutions help hotels implement positive environmental projects to reduce single use plastic waste with combinations of stylish Italian designed water dispensers and bar towers. Our systems can provide ambient, cold, hot and chilled sparkling filtered water to suit all your guests needs. We can also help with the procurement of branded glass and reusable bottles, so eliminating the need for any plastic bottled water in the hotel.


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