A lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of drinking quality pure water to remain healthy. There is also a growing concern about the quality of the water we bathe and shower in. One of the main reasons there are no bacteria in the water that reaches your home is the amount of dissolved Chlorine it holds. This chlorine kills bacteria, but also has the detrimental affect on skin and hair of removing natural oils. In cold water this chlorine is inert. However, in hot water, coupled with open pores of the skin, it can become quite aggressive. It dries our skin and hair which results in many people experiencing “more than usual” hair loss. The most practical and effective solution to reduce chlorine and other chemicals is to use a high quality shower filter. Our shower filters cleanse the water of chlorine, therefore reducing the harmful effects on the hair and skin. Our customers have noticed the difference showering with pure water makes to their health and beauty within a few weeks. Skin becomes less dry and hair becomes shinier and much more manageable, as the natural moisturizing oils are preserved.

Removing dissolved chlorine from the water requires the water molecules to touch the filter media inside the filter. If the filter is too small and the water too fast, most of the water molecules will travel through the filter without touching the filter media and so the chlorine will not be removed. This is the main reason why we use two of our drinking water filters when we install a shower filter. One chlorine filter for the cold water and one for the hot. This guarantees 99%+ removal of chlorine. The filters are installed above the ceiling in the bathroom, so they cannot be seen and as with our under the sink filters, are changed once a year. As with our under the sink filters, if you are moving home, we can uninstall and move the filters for you.

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