Creating a single use plastic free working environment

It may seem like mission impossible, but there are many changes that can be made in the office to reduce single use plastics. When changes are made, everyone benefits in a number of ways: plastic is prevented from entering the plastic free office environment in the first place, space is saved, waste management costs are reduced, we reduce our exposure to plastic chemicals and we get the benefit of using items made from better, durable and reusable materials which is better for us and the environment. 

All companies have environmental policies and it is important that sustainable living dubai practices remain central to how a business operates and all stakeholders behave. It is important to develop a culture in the working environment where everyone understands the importance of being resource efficient and consuming responsibly so as to not create unnecessary waste. 

Plastic Free Office

What statistics tell us


More plastic in the ocean than fish by weight

million tons

Plastic ends up in the ocean every year


To degrade the Plastic

reduce the negative impact

sustainable living dubai

Reduce waste in the first place

Carry out a plastic audit and look at the plastic items that are purchased or brought into the office on a regular basis. Are there better alternatives? Can those items be reduced or eliminated altogether? 

Keeping the pantry plastic free

The pantry is often full of single use plastic items from cups, cutlery, bottles, plates and bowls, coffee cup lids, straws, coffee pods and even tea bags. Consider replacing these items with reusable cups, reusable bottles and real cutlery. Switch to using loose tea or reusable coffee pods for the coffee machine or just using coffee beans. Some of our favorite brands are Avantcha Tea and Boon Coffee. 

Plastic free office can also issue their staff with their own reusable water bottles and a switch to filtered drinking water which eliminates the need to purchase and consume plastic bottled water. 

sustainable living dubai
sustainable living

Having lunch in the office

It may not always be possible to take your own packed lunch in your reusable container to the office and it’s often nice to order some lunch and support a local restaurant. Try and order from a restaurant who has eco-friendly credentials. Some of our favorites are Soul Green, Asian5 and Noodle House who use eco-friendly packaging when delivering food. Refuse any single use of cutlery and use reusable cutlery to reduce plastic waste.

PPE in the office

Since the beginning of the pandemic, billions of personal protective equipment has been used from gloves to masks and shoe protectors. Whilst we understand the need of the use of PPE to protect public health and help to combat the spread of the virus, we are still concerned about the impact this will have on the environment due to the way these items are disposed of. 

Reusable masks are a great alternative to disposal masks and safe to use as long as they are washed and cleaned. 

Regular hand washing is also the best approach in helping to reduce infection rates and prevent the risk of any outbreaks rather than using single use plastic gloves. 

Opt for refillable sanitization stations rather than placing single use plastic sanitization bottles around the office. 

By making sustainable living  dubai a better choice, we can look after ourselves and also our planet.

plastic free office
plastic free office

Speak up and inspire your colleagues

See something you don’t like, speak up. Raise your voice and talk about the issues surrounding plastic pollution which impacts us all. Help to design plastic free office policies around the office which will reduce plastic waste and also costs. 

If more people hear your requests for change, the greater the likelihood for that change happening. 

Don’t know where to start? We can support you in raising awareness and conducting awareness sessions that are designed to inspire lasting change.

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