Liquid of Life has been in the UAE for ten years, and due to our large number of commercial clients we have been testing the municipality water in the emirates numerous times each year. We know DEWA and ADWEA provide excellent quality potable water, with an excellent mineral balance.  The issue with drinking water from your tap is therefore not the municipality supply, but the infrastructure that gets the water to your tap. This can add Sediment from the pipes and valves, and there is also chlorine in the water. The chlorine of course kills bacteria,  which is why we do not find bacteria in the municipality supply. However, the combination of these things means the water does not taste good.

We provide a filter system that eliminates all the impurities added by the infrastructure, but does not remove the excellent mineral balance.  The first filter is the Sediment filter, which prevents solid particles entering the second filter. It is important solid particles do not enter the second filter, as this may inhibit its performance by coating the filter media, thus preventing the water from coming into contact with the filter media. The second filter will  remove 99.9% of he chlorine present in the water and also remove any bad taste and odour. The filters can also remove other elements that may be dissolved in the water, but our testing over  the years has show there is nothing else required. For instance, we have never seen a positive result for Flouride. This combination of removing only the necessary impurities and not the essential minerals, provides the prefect water for drinking water, tea, coffee, cooking and washing fruit and vegetables.

Our filters will fit neatly underneath your sink and are easily and effortlessly installed by our technicians in just 30 minutes. Once installed, you can enjoy filtered drinking water throughout the year as the filters last 12 months. All our clients are registered on our system, so there is no need to worry, we will call at 12 months to arrange a convenient time to come and change the filters.


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